What’s The 411 on School Social Work
…and Why Should I Care?

Adopted and foster kids often need the help of
school social workers, but they need parents too!

Did you know… In Illinois:

A school social worker can meet
12 HOURS without
the consent of a parent!

Every school’s social work department is different in every district. If your child is in individual or group work, you (as the parent or guardian) may or may not get

  • Consent 
  • Goals
  • Progress notes 
  • Choice in social worker 
  • Information on your child! 
  • Information on ISBE’s Social Workers Best Practices and if the school is in compliance with them.

We need the state to define parameters and to provide consistency in how social work is provided in every district.

“What should mental healthcare look like in a school setting?”

Every school social work department in Illinois can be set up differently. There’s NO outside monitoring or auditing body to check for compliance with best practices. School social workers are not held to the same standard as in hospitals or clinics.

School social work is important AND must have safeguards in place! 

All school children, but especially those with disabilities and on 504s and IEPs need safety in their medical and mental healthcare. Our state has not answered the question: 

What should mental health care look like in a school setting?

Right now it’s up to us to answer it!

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into schools for mental healthcare without any monitoring or auditing of social work departments. In a world with so much depression amongst teens it’s critical that PARENTS MUST BE THE FIRST LINE OF SUPPORT with schools and when there are cases with outside therapy, children should not be encouraged to open up in several different arenas. 

ISBE SUPPORTS PARENT INVOLVEMENT in a child’s education. Research shows parent involvement is vital to be part of students academic success. Expecting parents to cease involvement when their child’s mental health is at stake is untenable. As schools do an examination of their practices, EVERY parent needs to be familiar with the ISBE Social Work Best Practice guide to see what is lacking and how their school needs to improve.

Without checks and balances, our kids need protections!

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