We know that everyone has their own experiences and stories surrounding their child’s educational journey with medical and mental healthcare in their own school setting.

We know that everyone has their own unique experiences……

Parents of adopted and foster children or children with special needs will be working with a number of professionals, both outside and inside the schools including OT, PT, teachers, caregivers, and social workers to explore and manage their educational journey. Whether you have a student with accommodations on 504’s and IEP’s or perhaps one on a traditional educational path, team work and a shared perspective is needed for success. We would like to hear what is working or not for you, good or bad.

We welcome you to share your story. There is power in your story. We are here to listen.

By sharing your experience with us, we can work together to help improve the environment and processes that your child is exposed to every day in their individual school setting.

“Let’s take the shame out of speaking about our children’s mental healthcare and start conversations about what it should look in schools for more accurate and effective supports.”

All information that is shared with Facts4SafeFamilies is confidential and will NOT be publicly shared without prior consent.