Adopted and Foster parents are some of the most hopeful people I’ve ever met! 

Adoption can be beautiful and miraculous, complex and courageous, and as anything God ordained, a sacrifice—humbling and hard. Sequoia Families adoptive family ministry allows you to be part of a community of adoptive families, You can put on your own oxygen mask to allow you to maintain your focus and find the ways to steer your family through the storms. We provide education, emotional support and celebration for your unique and wondrous families. 

The name “Sequoia Families” comes from Sequoia trees which grow up to 300 ft. despite having a shallow root system. The Sequoia tree survives by entwining its roots with the other trees for strength and support. In the same way, adoptive families also do not have a strong root system but can grow strong with the support and love from other adoptive families.

We stand alongside you in solidarity. Lift you up. Encourage you to do the hard work. It is worth it. It’s all because of the kids.

If you are an adoptive parent in northern Illinois and would like to join our group or if you would like to learn more about how to start your own, click here