American Academy of Pediatrics Fact Sheets

AAP – Effects of Trauma on Development and School Functioning
AAP – Helping Families Understand Trauma and Impact
AAP – Therapy Options for the Traumatized Child
AAP – Trauma-Specific Anticipatory GuidanceF


FACTS – Mandatory Reporting
FACTS – Recommendations by Regarding Therapy for Adopted Children
FACTS – Why the Status Quo in School Social Work Harms Children
FACTS – Education Guide
FACTS – Proposed School Social Work Legislative Safeguards

A really great comprehensive resource for families.

There is so much information to find here:

Looking at Children Through a New Lens
Adoption information for
Pediatric Health Providers
Risks in School Social Work with Adopted and Foster Children
411 on School Social Work

Info Sheets

FACTS4SafeFamilies – Laura Adams Podcast Info Sheet
Unique Facts Illinois – CPS/DCFS Calls
Unique Facts Illinois – Schools
Unique Facts United States – Mental Health Statistics for Adopted and Foster Children


Laura is available for presentations relating to many topics involving adoption, foster care, social work and mental healthcare in the educational and family settings. Contact us to find out more.

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