Brain science is moving rapidly and there are new strategies and guidance coming out regarding support for adopted and foster children and children from complex trauma.We want you to be aware of the latest recommendations for the medical and mental healthcare of your children, especially in the educational setting.

 When children are well supported and thrive, then parents and families thrive too!

Our goal is to put out accurate information and resources that help education and treatment, professionals, and caregivers as well as parents so children can have safe and effective supports. This is especially important when it comes to parents and caregivers of adopted and foster children.

The State of Illinois maintains statistics regarding the number of Illinois youth in care by County.
To see more detailed numbers visit Illinois’ DCFS data here.

School social workers can be vital supports for a student’s success at school, yet there are no set state or national standards and criteria for provision and oversight. Because of loopholes, every school social work department can be run differently. 

School social workers are an anomaly.
They are currently the ONLY school professionals without oversight by an outside neutral body.

Physical Therapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), Speech Pathologists (SPs) and Teachers ALL have state regulatory agencies providing checks and balances.

Why not school social workers?