More Sequoia Information

Sequoia Families is a non-denominational adoptive family support community that serves all  domestic and international adoptive families, at all stages of the adoption experience in the northern Chicagoland and Illinois area. The name “Sequoia Families” comes from Sequoia trees which grow up to 300 ft. despite having a shallow root system. The Sequoia tree survives by entwining its roots with the other trees for strength and support. In the same way, adoptive families also do not have a strong root system but can grow strong with the support and love from other adoptive families. 

Adoption can be beautiful and miraculous, complex and courageous, and as anything God ordained, a sacrifice—humbling and hard. Sequoia Families allows you to put on your own oxygen mask to allow you to maintain your focus and find strength  to steer your family through the storms. We provide education, emotional support and celebration for your unique and wondrous families. 

Is Sequoia Families open to any adoptive family? 

Any adoptive family from any church can attend Sequoia Family meetings. Adoptive families are diverse- single parents, married parents and kids adopted domestically, internationally and many with special needs. We welcome all families formed by adoption and there is no charge to join.

When and Where do Sequoia Families meet?

Sequoia Family parents meet in person the first Wednesday of every month in person at Christ Church, Lake Forest, 100 Waukegan Rd., from 6:30-8pm and virtually by Google Meets on the third Wednesday of every month 6:30-7:30pm.

What is a Sequoia Family meeting like?

Sequoia Family parents meet in-person to cover a book or topic related to the adoption experience and can include workshops, speakers, resources and discussion.  Meetings run from 6:30-7:30pm along with parent social time and connection from 7:30-8pm. Snacks and water are provided.

Virtual meetings are more casual and continue our discussions, while providing more connection and personal support. 

How do I join Sequoia Families?

Joining is easy — Contact Laura HERE

Let us come alongside you on your adoption journey and help your family grow strong!